I live in the LA area, of course I have screenplays, baby! I write comedy, genre and soapy stuff (mostly) but I can totally pull off more than that. Here are the loglines, you can download pdfs below.

Kind of a Big Dill

A pickleball-obsessed senior citizen who hates kids finds himself unable to play any more pickleball … unless he teaches a bunch of kids how to play pickleball. (Comedy; feature)

Fatal Error (treatment)

A billionaire invites his best techbros to a blowout at his AI-powered, robot-staffed, secluded mansion where anything goes. After witnessing a debauched and disgusting pre-party on a private jet, the AI decides to delete the humans … permanently.

Suck My Life

Serena is a hardworking, ambitious witch--but Vampire startups will drain the life right out of you. (Comedy/horror; TV pilot)


A group of poor POC factory workers from a small town secretly win the biggest lottery jackpot ever and decide to have a little fun at the expense of the old-money white family who still own the entire town. (Comedy/soap; TV pilot)

Specs Galore

Various show specs of the sort you write to get into diversity programs: Fleabag, Black-ish, Difficult People, Steven Universe and older shows, too, if you're into that sort of thing. My 30 Rock spec is really good, tho.