Seven Observations About She-Ra

We’ve been binge-watching She-Ra. Well, the 5-year-old in the house is, and we’re just sort of prisoner to his desires. I watched She-Ra back in the day, and clearly remembered what a feminist icon she is, which is one reason I own the first half of the first season on DVD (that’s 32 half-hour episodes, or, if you watch them consecutively, about one full weekend that starts to feel like they used to describe falling into a black hole—being slowly pulled apart for infinity years**). But I guess

Golden Globes: Cutest Couples Photos

All right, they’re not couples couples, but these pairs took some of the best photos all night! Selena Gomez has said Jennifer Aniston is one of her acting idols –– and now she and Jen are Friends. Current Golden Globe Winner Gina Rodriguez and past nominee Kerry Washington appeared on the official Golden Globes website … and on someone very lucky’s smartphone! Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman (her smoking hot The Boy Next Door co-star) attended the ceremony and the parties together, sparking d