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This Gamer Found Their Calling By Helping Marines Get Into Gaming – Geek and Sundry Presents International Tabletop Day

With International Tabletop Day around the corner, we’re counting down the days to the big celebration by highlighting friendly local gaming stores, their owners, and their awesome stories. Be sure to find an ITTD event near you so you can enjoy the festivities in your community. Building and supporting a gaming community just comes naturally […]

Loot Cast Episode 15, Galaxy: Force Choke is a Euphemism

With more Star Wars talk than you can stuff inside the carcass of a tauntaun and very special guest Star Wars superfan Mikey Petralia, this episode of the Loot Cast is like a modern-day Star Wars Holiday Special, but not super embarrassing! Just a little embarrassing. The episode starts off with TWO spanking-hot, piping-new segments that involve yelling and force choking! We also talk a little bit about the de-canoned expanded universe and Jaxxon, the giant green Star Wars bunny (Google it) plus